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Ceilidh Band Music

To download a copy of the music for the M4P Ceilidh Band, click on the link below

M4P Ceilidh Band Music

Here's a list of the tunes and dances we're going to use for the Friday night Ceilidh at M4P 2016, but not neccessarily in the same order.
The page numbers are from the contents page of the M4P Ceilidh Band Music Book, NOT the side bar of Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview! The names of the tunes are in brackets after the name of the dance, please check you've got the right ones!
Just download the book and print the pages in the list below. There are five extras, nos 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, so, as before, just click the link and download. Please copy, print and take the list below with you to M4P 2016.

    2016 M4P Dances for the Friday Night Ceilidh

    1. Muffin Man's Polka:- (Uncle Bernard's/ Jenny Lind) P1
    2. Oxo Reel:- (Whitby Pier / Hunt the Squirrel) P2
    3. Thread The Needle:- (The Irishman's Heart / The Old Favourite) P3
    4. Sir Roger de Coverley:- (Jig of Slurs/Lark in the Morning) P7
    5. Strip The Willow:- (Streets of Dublin, Drops of Brandy etc) P8
    6. Dashing White Sergeant:- (Dashing White Sergeant/ Davy Davy Knick Knack) P20
    7. Cumberland Square 8:- (My Love She's But a Lassie Yet, The Atholl Highlanders) P34
    8. Flying Scotsman:- (Soldier's Joy/ Miss McLeod's/ Wind that Shakes the Barley) P33
    9. Circassian Circle:- (100Pipers/New Rigged Ship/Irish Washerwoman)
    10.Virginia Reel:- (Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Cook in the Kitchen)
    11. Sheffield Waltz:-(Margaret's Waltz/Ashokan Farewell)
    12.Nottingham Swing:-Philabaloola all the way/Kafoozalum
    13. Cornish 6 Hand Reel:-Helston Furry

This file, M4Pceilidhband2014.pdf, has all the music from the 2010 version, plus all the extras from 2011/12/13, and more. Just download the file as above, (7.2mb) and print the tunes you haven't got. There's a fully comprehensive contents page so you can print it first and easily check what you're missing.

Cheers, Robin