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Robin with his Oakwood guitar

If you've already seen my art pages you'll know I'm an artist, but I'm also a singer of songs old & new. I like to think I'm a musician of dexterity, virtuosity and an entertainer in the time honoured folk tradition. Many of the major British folk festivals have kindly asked me to perform and I've done the rounds of the British folk club circuit for several years. I play guitar, fiddle, mandolin and banjo with enthusiasm and gusto, my influences include traditional folk, maritime songs, blues, jazz, bluegrass and I've been known to knock out rock n' roll now and then.

As well as being a solo performer, I am also the leader and musical arranger of the Sheffield Traditional Fiddlers Society Barnsley College gave me employment as the folk fiddle tutor on their music degree course, I play and sing with Monkeys Orphan sea song and shanty group, and play fiddle with the Rhythm Chaps ceilidh band. Singer/songwriter and folk legend John Conolly regularly uses me as accompanist and foil and my hobby is playing blues and R n' B for anyone who'll listen.

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