The Fiddler's Friends


A painting of a Fiddle and other objects.

Oil Painting, 36 by 28 inches, unframed.

I remembered a painting, 'The Old Cupboard Door, by an Irish/American painter
called William M. Harnett, which used to be on permanent display in the Graves Art Gallery
in Sheffield, and I fancied doing something similar.

This work is autobiographical, the 'friends' are my fiddle and bow, some music,
a pint Tankard, my old driving licence and a Strathspey Tutor Book.
A small plaque with a landscape on it represents travel.
I'm very happy that this has turned out so well, it took me a very long time!
The objects in this painting are life size.
This work is for sale.

A Giclée print of this painting is available to order, please contact me.