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Some time ago I decided that I'd like to have a go at recording myself rather than go to a studio, believing that there is often far more equipment in a conventional studio than we folk musicians need. Mainly all we need is something that will record in CD quality on several tracks capturing the true sound we make with as little embellishment as possible.

To this end an Akai portable 12 track digital hard disc recorder was purchased, along with several decent condensor microphones, preamps and compressors. However, things have moved on considerably since then. I've upgraded my equipment with the purchase of an Apple PowerMac and Logic Pro software. This has increased the scope and quality of the recording, as well as greatly increased the speed and ease by which recordings can be made. I have also built a small studio in my back garden, purpose made for the job, providing a good environment for recording. Recently I've been recording some poets, singers and musicians other than myself and they seem very satisfied with the results. I can send you some examples of my recordings and an equipment list on request.

If you're in a band, a choir, a duo or a solo singer and you fancy a live recording on a gig, recording in your own house or even the local pub, no problem. If you'd like to make use of my studio facilities please get in touch. I can offer graphic design for the 'paperwork' and CD label, and I can arrange for your finished recording to be duplicated or replicated. ('Duplication' means copying onto CDR, for less than 500 copies. 'Replication' means sending your master to a CD pressing plant, for 500 plus copies.)

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