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Robin on the fiddle

Folkwright Magazine

Robin is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who happily takes on a wide range of songs and tunes from various sources. He has a good, strong voice, is much more than an adequate musician and writes a good song when he chooses.
Rob Scrase

Doncaster Free Press

'The Ragmans Trumpet' by Robin Garside is a brilliant mix of Traditional songs and tunes. If you thought Traditional music was long boring ballads try this - there's sex, violence, double meanings and pathos performed in a top class manner. Catch Robin at a Gig, it's well worth doing.
Chris Ingram

The Living Tradition

Robin plays all the instruments on the album including guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and bass, arranges them into a band sound and also writes songs and tunes! The album is a good mixture of songs and tunes and if this is representative of his live set, he should be a popular performer. One of the highlights of the album for me, was a beautiful version of 'Sean O' Dhubir' with fiddle and harmony fiddle accompanied by a sparse guitar. Of Robin's own songs 'Vulcan Road' Stood out. There was an immediate feel to this song as if you had always known it. With a good tune and strong refrain it shows that simplicity is best.
Pete Heywood

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