Whitby Festival Orchestra Music 2016

Hello Whitby Festival Orchestra!
Welcome to my Whitby Folk Festival music download page, thanks for dropping in.

Here are some of the pieces we'll be doing at the ungodly hour of 10am until 11.20 every morning in Westcliffe School Hall, except Saturday of course. Please get there early, 9.45 would be good, we'll need helpers to set out the chairs, but usually some kind people do that without prompting.
It's the good old Whitby Spirit y'know!

Friday is the Workshop Showcase in the Spa Pavillion from 1.30 until 4.30, we won't know what time we'll be actually performing yet because I have to negotiate with the much venerated George Unthank for a good spot.


It's all in PDF format, for which you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
The latest version can be downloaded from  HERE 

This year I've arranged some dance tunes, York House 2 from The Compleat Country Dancing Master, Volume 6 1756, A piece called 'The Parson's Farewell', 'Dargason' from Playford's Dancing Master, 'Lavolta' by William Byrd and 'Bizzaria d'Amore' by Marcantonio Negri who died in 1624.
Carol has made arrangements of 3 pieces, Gavotenn ar Koadour, Pig Ankle Rag - a great American Fiddle tune and Polwart on the Green - the tune to a Burns song. I hope you enjoy them!
There are Bb and Eb versions for those of you who play transposing instruments, indicated by Bb or Eb at the end of the file name.

1. York House 2

York_House_2.pdf Concert Pitch

York_House_2Bb.pdf Bb Instruments

York_House_2Eb.pdf Eb Instruments

2. Parson's Farewell

Parsons_Farewell.pdf Concert Pitch

Parsons_FarewellBb.pdf Bb Instruments

Parsons_FarewellEb.pdf Eb Instruments

3. Dargason

Dargason.pdf Concert Pitch

DargasonBb.pdf Bb Instruments

DargasonEb.pdf Eb Instruments

4. Lavolta

Lavolta.pdf Concert Pitch

LavoltaBb.pdf Bb Instruments

LavoltaEb.pdf Eb Instruments

5. Bizzaria d'Amore

Bizzaria_d'Amore.pdf Concert Pitch

Bizzaria_d'AmoreBb.pdf Bb Instruments

Bizzaria_d'AmoreEb.pdf Eb Instruments

6. Gavotenn ar Koadour

GavotennCP.pdf  Concert Pitch

GavotennBb.pdf Bb Instruments

GavotennEb.pdf Eb Instruments

7. Pig Ankle Rag

Pig_Ankle.pdf  Concert Pitch

Pig_AnkleBb.pdf  Bb Instruments

Pig_AnkleEb.pdf  Eb Instruments

8. Polwart on the Green

Polwart2.pdf Concert Pitch

Polwart2Bb.pdf Bb Instruments

Polwart2Eb.pdf Eb Instruments

9. En Passant

En_PassantCP.pdf Concert Pitch

En_PassantBb.pdf Bb Instruments

En_PassantEb.pdf Eb Instruments

10. Le Bout de Monde

Le_BoutCP.pdf Concert Pitch

Le_BoutBb.pdf Bb Instruments

Le_BoutEb.pdf Eb Instruments

If you have any problems, email me, I'll try and get back to you asap.
Sometimes the PDF has a glitch when it's displayed, this sometimes manifests as some elements of the music missing, eg. the blob of a note, or sometimes the lines of the stave itself disappears. I've no idea why this happens and I don't know how to fix it, but opening the files in Adobe Acrobat Reader seems more reliable, so try opening the files in Adobe Acrobat Reader first.

There is a very good FREE music editing program or 'app' as we're supposed to call them these days, called Musescore, available at www.musescore.org on which all my pieces have been written, it's a not for profit project and it's very good too! You can listen to the pieces being played which for me, as a not very good music reader, is often a help.

I'm fairly sure there are no more pieces to come, but please revisit this web page to be sure before you set off for Whitby.

We'll see you VERY soon!
Cheers, Robin and Carol.